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Psalm 103:6-18 (What Does God think about You?)

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Psalm 103 is a hymn of praise to God that overflows from a heart supremely devoted to the Lord. David surveyed the love and compassion of God towards His people. Believers can rest on the promise that God is keeping watch of His own. He defends them. He will step in and intervene. God will restore justice to the earth.

David explained that God revealed Himself to Moses and the people of Israel as a merciful and compassionate God. The grace of God leads to forgiveness for those who seek it. He knows our frailty and stands ready to show His mercy to us and to our children.

Bible Teacher Mark Fontecchio highlights the amazing love of God in Psalm 103:6-18 and unfolds the principles from this remarkable text for believers today. Come grow in your faith and knowledge of the book of Psalms. Teaching God's Word and advancing the message of His amazing grace one verse at a time.

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