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Can I Lose My Salvation?

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Question: Can I lose my salvation? Is once saved always saved taught in the Bible?
Answer: Once Saved Always Saved (OSAS) is a title given to a doctrine that many evangelical Christians affirm, which simply is the belief that once a person is saved by faith in the Person and work of Jesus as ...

How Does James 2:14-26 Impact Our Faith?

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(By Mark Fontecchio)

Question: How does James 2:14-26 impact our faith?
Answer: “It is therefore faith alone which justifies, and yet the faith which justifies is not alone.” These words came from John Calvin in 1547 as he responded to Canon 11 of the sixth session of the Council of Trent....

If I Struggle with Sin Does this Mean I am Not Saved?

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Question: I struggle with sin at times. Does this mean I am not truly saved?
Answer: “I believe in God, but I just can’t stop committing the same sins over and over.”
“I’ve prayed the sinner’s prayer and ‘committed my life to Christ,’ but I act in ways that make me ashamed of myself.”
“It ...

Is There an Unpardonable Sin?

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(By Mark Fontecchio)

Question: Is there anything a person can do, or is there a sin they can commit, to irrevocably and irreparably condemn them to Hell - such as blasphemy, taking the mark, worshipping the enemy, or selling their soul?
Answer: Did you know that the Bible actually speaks ...

Understanding the Atonement

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(By Raymond Isbell)

Question: I have been trying to understand the Atonement for some time. I have developed an understanding of this, and I wanted to know if it is contradicting the Bible.
Answer: Your attempt to seek support of your view of the Atonement reflects both humility and wisdom. ...

What is Lordship Salvation?

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(By Mark Fontecchio)

Answer: First, let us be clear that Lordship Salvation is not a debate about whether or not Jesus Christ is Lord. This is an obvious truth from Scripture (Phil. 2:11). Further, let it be noted that 1 Peter 3:15 teaches, “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts.” Believers ...