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Speaking Requests


Thank you for your interest in our Bible Conference Ministry. Return to the Word was started from the Bible teaching ministry of Mark Fontecchio. He considers it an honor to partner with other followers of Christ in proclaiming the Word of God, so he does not take such requests lightly.

Mark is a highly sought after Bible expositor. As his schedule permits, he travels to teach at conferences and churches declaring the uncompromising message of God’s Word. As a gifted communicator, his unique ability to teach the profound but simple message of God’s grace is a refreshing voice on the landscape of the postmodern church. The conference ministry of Return to the Word has ministered to an untold number of souls around the world.

Mark frequently speaks on the End Times, Lordship Salvation vs. the Gospel of Grace, Christ in the Old Testament, and many other topics that engage the people of God to dig deeper into the precious Word of God. Some of his more popular conference messages can be heard here.

For more information on requesting Mark to speak at your event, please contact us at Info@ReturntotheWord.com or visit our Contact Page.