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Are House Churches Biblical?

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(By Mark Fontecchio)

Question: My family and I are considering joining a house church. We want to worship God without compromising. What are your thoughts?
Answer: The location of where you meet with a local assembly of believers should not be the focus. The New Testament Church met in a ...

What is the Lausanne Covenant?

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Question: Can you explain what the Lausanne Covenant is about, who wrote it, and when?
Answer: The “Lausanne Covenant” is a document that was agreed upon at the first International Congress on World Evangelization (ICWE), which was held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1974. This gathering was ...

When do We Confront Someone and When do We Turn the Other Cheek?

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(By Mark Fontecchio)

Question: When do we confront someone and when do we turn the other cheek?
Answer: It can be difficult to know when to confront someone. While I believe the Bible firmly has the answers to our questions, it is also true that this teaching is scattered throughout the Word ...

Why so many Bible Translations? Why so many Denominations?

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(By Raymond Isbell)

Question: If the Bible is the only reference point for Christians, why are there so many denominations?  And why are there so many Bible translations?
Answer: This is one of those thoughtful questions that I suspect nearly all Christians have asked at one time or another.  ...